Heard it through the grapevine


In 2018 wine achieved its 24th consecutive year of volume growth in the U.S., aided by more than 13,000 wineries in the country, a number which increased by almost 1,000 in 2018. The still wine segment, which commands 87.3% of the total wine category, was up only 0.2%. Sparkling wine, led by prosecco (+11%), increased by 4.3%.

Paris has its own geographical indication! After seven years of administrative procedures, the Ile-de-France PGI had its birth certificate signed on December 5 during a meeting of the INAO National PGI Committee. The PGI’s specifications only provide for still red, white and rosé wines.
Forty-six producers are in the starting blocks, ready to produce their first wines in 2019. They will be able to choose their vines from a list of 83 grape varieties, some of them long-standing disease-resistant varieties.

Consumer interest in wines that are certified organic, vegan friendly, biodynamic, is growing, but this isn’t translating into sales. According to Wine Intelligence’s recent report, consumer awareness is not yet translating into fundamental changes in purchasing behaviour.