Q & A

1.    What is the Wine Club THESSALONIKI’96?
Wine club Thesssaloniki’96 is one of the oldest Wine Lovers Club in Greece.  It was founded in 1996 in Thessaloniki by the chemist/oenologist, wine journalist/writer Maria Netsika with the aim of bringing together the wine lovers of the city and the wider area of Northern Greece, broadening their knowledge in wine and satisfying their quests.  This is our long-term goal which we continue to pursue with consistency and, we daresay, success, as in September of 2022 we commence our 27th year of wine education!

2.    What are the Club’s activities?
Our activities include 9 meetings on a yearly basis (once every month between September and May) with educational presentations and wine tastings.

3.    What takes place in each meeting?
Our motto is : Explore. Study. Discover!
This means that in each of our meetings we delve into a viticultural zone or a variety, a winemaking or aging method, a new trend in the wine world.
Next, we “blindly” taste – without knowing their identity in advance- at least 10 carefully selected wines.
The educational presentation that is given during the event by the chemist/oenologist, wine journalist/writer Maria Netsika is full of abundant and original visual material.  Furthermore, in each meeting, we welcome wine scientists, oenologists, winemakers, agronomists who share additional information with us and offer their knowledge and experience on each specific topic.

4.    What are the main characteristics of the Wine Club THESSALONIKI'96?
o    Careful organization
o    Consistency over the years
o    2 hours of wine tasting in a quiet, civil atmosphere –each month-
o    2 hours of wine training and orientation by wine scientists-each month-

5.    Who is the Club aimed at?
Anyone who is passionate about wine.  Wine lovers and professionals!
Wine Club THESSALONIKI’96 is what you are looking for!
Regardless of your knowledge level on wine, you will find that the enjoyable topics will broaden it, evolve it and progress the learning process.
At the same time, you will have the unique opportunity to get updated on the developments in the wine world through the wine tasting of new labels.
Here, you will find people of similar interests and you will be able to share with them your passion for wine and its world!

6.    I have just started familiarizing myself with wine.  Why should I attend the meetings of the Wine Club THESSALONIKI'96?
If you are ready to discover this captivating world, at our meetings:
o    you will gain an understanding about the factors that affect the style of each wine: climate, grape varieties, etc.
o    you will train your senses
o    you will learn how to properly taste a wine and how to describe it and evaluate it using the right terminology.

7.    I already know enough about wine.  Why should I attend the meetings of Wine Club THESSALONIKI'96?
If you appreciate good wines and their quality, at our meetings:
o    you will expand your knowledge and develop it further
o    you will keep your senses alert
o    wine scientists will update you on the developments in the wine trade
o    you will stay in touch with current wine activities
o    you will meet people who are interested in wine.  

8.    When and where do the meetings take place? How long do they last?
The meetings of the Wine Club THESSALONIKI’96 take place on specific dates in the halls of The Met Hotel (48, 26th Oktovriou Str., tel: +30 2310 017000)
Duration: 2 hours, 20:00 – 22:00
See this year's programme

9.    How could one become a member of the Wine Club THESSALONIKI'96?
Contact Wine Plus (tel: +30 2310 888311,e-mail: to let us know of your participation.
The cost of the annual membership fee is 130€.
The cost of attending one meeting is 28€.

10.    What is new about this year’s agenda?
In the past years, we have tasted almost 2.600 wines.  This year we will continue touring well-known viticultural zones.  We will taste select wines from the Greek and international vineyard, we will update ourselves on the most recent global wine trends.
Moreover, for this season, apart from exploring areas, terroir, varieties, etc.,  we will get acquainted with interesting and possibly obscure or controversial phrases and concepts, such as “old vines” and their influence on the character of wines, Cava, Reserve & Grand Reserve, ‘mountain” vineyard.  For this year, we have prepared a rich agenda which is sure to satisfy your wine quests!  Explore it!