Wine statistics 2021


2021 sees a partial recovery of global consumption after the 2020 sanitary crisis and the boom in the international trade market, which registered a record high in 2021in both, volume and value

2021 Key Figures for the wine sector

The surface area of the world vineyard in 2021 is estimated to be 7.3 mha in 2021, only marginally lower compared to 2020.

World wine production in 2021 is estimated 260 mhl, marking a decrease of almost 3mhl(-1%), compared to 2020.

World wine consumption in 2021 is estimated at  236 mhl, marking an increase of 2 mhl (+0.7%)compared to 2020 volume.

With a volume of 111.6 mhl, the largest exported volume ever recorded in history, world wine exports in 2021 have increased by 4% compared to 2020, and have boosted even more in terms of value, with 34.3 bn EUR, registering a yearly increase of 16%.