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Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki is the summer event of Map of Flavours.

WHAT: Acquaint your palate with the outstanding rosé wines that hail from Greek and famous international vineyards. The RGT is  one of Greece’s most popular annual wine tastings.

WHEN: May 9, 2022

WHERE: Makedonia Palace Hotel, M. Alexandrou 2, Thessaloniki

The Rosé Grand Tasting, staged by Wine Plus, introduces premium rosé wines from the latest harvest – as well as those from previous years – to wine-lovers and the viniculture trade.

Sample rosé wine gems made from the native Greek grapes and superb rosé wines from international varieties. Learn about the latest trends in experimental winemaking and bottling and elevate your grasp of the unique diversities and peculiarities of the Rosé terroir.

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