Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki


Rosé wines are an important and established wine trend, both at an international and domestic level.  As Wine Plus recognizes the need of consumers and wine professionals to be informed about all the developments in the world of rosé wines, it is holding a springtime event in Thessaloniki, parallel to the Map of Flavours but in spring, exclusively dedicated to rosé wines.  

Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki ║ Springtime and Rosé wines, the largest tasting of rosé wines ever held in Thessaloniki, will take place on Monday April 15th, 2019, at Makedonia Palace Hotel.

- date: Monday April 15th, 2019
- venue: Makedonia Palace Hotel
- opening hours:
14.00 - 16.00 professionals, entry by invitation or display of professional card
16:00 - 21.00 consumers, admission cost 5€

- hashtags: #rosegrandtasting #rgt

Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki ║ Springtime and Rosé wines
, an event with a contemporary profile, aiming at showcasing the diversity of rosé wines, it is expected to be adored.  The basic features are:

Addressed to wine-loving consumers and professionals.
The event starts at 14:00 and finishes at 21:00, but the first two hours (14:00-16:00) are reserved solely for wine professionals.
Each visitor, upon entry, receives a wine tasting glass and a Wine Plus wine notebook, an elegant and handy pad, where one can keep notes and record their impressions of the wines.  

This wine tasting is a Self Pour event!!
At Rosé Grand Tasting there is no physical presence of the winemakers.  In the hall, the wines are on display in a beautiful manner, assorted by varietal composition and each visitor can self-pour as many and whichever wines they wish to taste.  The detailed information for each wine are typed next to the bottle, while the experienced team of Wine Plus will be fully prepared to provide visitors with any further information.

95 rosé wines participate ** the list **
Fresh and cool, with attractive colors and tastes which are perfect for spring and summer.  Amongst them are representatives of the main rosé Protected Designations of Origin, geographical indications, varieties, many new releases and significant foreign labels from the international vineyard.

A rich agenda of parallel events
The “Wine Plus Wine School” recommends free, 30-minute introduction seminars on the production and tasting of rosé wines.
At the “Theatre of Taste”, the harmony between rosé wines and food will be showcased by serving selected delicacies.
At the end of the evening, there will be a prize draw for rosé Magnums.
Additionally, “Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki Goes Out in the City” will support wine events at wine bars and bistrots in Thessaloniki.

Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki ║ Springtime and Rosé wines, the springtime parallel event of the beloved Map of Flavours, is an event not to be missed!
We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Rosé Grand Tasting is organized by Wine Plus under the auspices of Thessaloniki Food Festival and the support of a plethora of sponsors.  The supporting companies are: Nestlé, Acqua Panna, San Pellegrino, Korpi, Redecoration, Massoutis, Dairy products Proikas, Dairy products Divanis, Cured Meat products Sary, Chef stories.

Communication sponsors: Wine Trails, Agronews, Andro,, Greek Cellar,

Rose Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki

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Rosé Grand Tasting @Thessaloniki is the spring event of Map of Flavours.